Popular Posts of 2010

Thanks so much for continuing to stop by and read my musings here.  With 12,000+ visits in 2010 + Facebook reads here are the most read posts at http://www.bradraby.com:

#5 The Best $587 dollars I’ve spent

#4 Putting our money where our mouth is

# 3 Reflections from our first Discovery Service

# 2 Introducing Discovery Church

# 1 Support Logan Henry (I’m glad this is # 1)

** Also notable that this 2008 post was technically viewed 3rd most: Most misused verses in the Bible

The post that caused the most controversy?  Definitely “Rightly Dividing the Truth”

Facebook and Twitter have changed blogging.  They are like microblogging, and I’ve noticed that I drop my random musings there more than I do here on the Blog.  That’s ok, things change.  I’ve been doing this for 5 years now, and am about 450 posts and 50,000 reads in.  I’m sure 2011 will bring a lot of what’s happening at Discovery Church to the site, but we’ll try to keep it fresh with good thoughts on life, leadership and ministry as well.

Thanks for reading.

– Brad


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