Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

In a couple months Discovery Church is going to do something Radical.  In our October and November worship services we are going to give away 51% of our offerings.  Let me explain.

There are 5 core values that embody who Discovery Church is.  One of those values is “Others First”.  In a recent article I said that we want “to be known for how much we give away, not how much we take in”.  Discovery Church is all about leaving the 99, for the 1. (Luke 15:7)  This has to be reflected in the stewardship of our finances.

I’ve struggled to obey God in this.  Like many church plants we find ourselves well short of our funding goals.   A huge part of me says, “We need all the funds in those offerings for our church”.  I argued that when we had enough people coming, and enough money coming in, and all the things we need – then we will be generous.

Every time I would argue with God – I lost.  So I gave up, and decided to follow His leading in doing something a little Radical.  After all, if we say Discovery Church is about “Others First”, then we have to live out that value.

On Sunday October 17th after my message: “Hope for Our City” we are going to receive our offering and give 51% of it to local projects and causes that we are partnering with in Knoxville.

On November 14th after my message: “Hope for the World” we are giving away 51% of our offering to global causes fighting poverty and the sex trafficking industry through Gospel centered initiatives.

We want to redefine the way people see the church in our community.  We want to create a culture that loves giving more than receiving.  We will be generous when we have little, so that we will be generous when we have much.

For His Glory,

Brad Raby, Lead Pastor

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