Every now and then

Every time I prepare a message to speak I have three primary goals.

1) God’s Ultimate Glory

2) The building up of believers

3) To engage unbelievers with the truth of the Gospel

Every now and then during preparation for the message something supernatural happens.  The only way I know to describe it (and be Biblical) is to say that the Holy Spirit begins to burn in the inner part of my soul.  I can feel it.  I get laser light focused on study.  I become overly emotional.  Something inside of me begins to burst.

That’s happening this week with the 3rd message of our Captured by Grace series.  God used something today at lunch with another pastor to just set me on fire in my soul.

So don’t miss this week.  Not because I’ve got a great message.  It’s not about me – and can never be.  God has a great message for you this week.  It may just change everything for you.

Grace is surprising,


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