Reconstructing the Gospel

Let me begin by clarifying what I mean by “Reconstructing the Gospel”.  I do not mean that we are changing or rebuilding the Gospel which was delivered to us by Christ, but that in many cases we need the truth of the Gospel reconstructed in our hearts and minds.  The Gospel isn’t broken, but we are.

Last Sunday at Discovery Church we continued in our journey of discovering (for some) and re-discovering (for others) Grace.  Several people have e-mailed or called to tell me they had never considered ‘the exchange’ we talked about around the middle of the message.  The Great Exchange, illustrated so well by the Father’s lavish love for His son, is when our unrighteousness is exchanged for the righteousness of Jesus Christ.  The more people I talk to, the more I realize that many see the Cross as a one dimensional transaction. That on the Cross Jesus took on our sin, and died paying the price for it.  Our sin was  laid on Him so that we might be forgiven.  But that is just half of the story.  Jesus did receive our unrighteousness, but in return WE received HIS righteousness.  Grace doesn’t just forgive, it also  fully restores. That is Huge!  For a fuller understanding, check out the message below.

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