Why We Do What We Do The Way We Do It

It’s not news that we desire to create environments at Discovery Church that are intentionally non-traditional.  I get asked ‘why’ about a number of the methods we use.  Here is a real life example of why.

Tonight at a local gas station I invited the lady behind the counter to Discovery Church.  She immediately gave me a reason she couldn’t come to church – her past.  I told her that we had plenty of people who had checkered pasts and baggage, but she protested and said I didn’t understand that she had been a ‘real wild child’!  I told her that it didn’t matter and Discovery wouldn’t be church like she was imagining.  I pointed to my t-shirt and jeans and told her this is how we dress, that we have a live band and anyone is welcome.  To which she said the darndest thing:


I said, “yes absolutely”. To which she said, “OK, I’ll have to check that out then.”

And there you have it.  That’s why we do what we do the way we do it.  Do we soft sell the Gospel? Not a chance.  Do we avoid tough Biblical content? No way.  Do we do everything we can to remove barriers that keep people from hearing the Gospel? Yes.  Do we sacrifice any man-made tradition that gets in the way of people coming to Jesus? You bet we do.

Why? Because there is more celebration in heaven over 1 sinner who comes to repentance, than 99 righteous people who do not need it. (Luke 15:7)

We are unashamedly more interested in creating parties in heaven, than making church people happy on earth.

– Brad

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