Easter @ Discovery Church

Truth be told I couldn’t sleep the night before Easter.  Literally – I got 2.5 hours.  There was so much anticipation, anxiety, and excitement in me as I was looking forward to our first Easter weekend as a church family.

The day was phenomenal to say the least.  We have so many incredible volunteers at Discovery who arrive early and stay late to create irresistible environments for people.  Our people invited people like crazy, and we had our highest attendance in our brief history.  The our worship was inspired as we sang to and because of our risen Savior.  I love…and I mean love talking about Grace.  We launched our new Captured by Grace series, which is already creating a buzz.  God really worked in people’s hearts. We believe in radical grace!

You can checkout out Easter Service below.

Thanks for all the support you give to Discovery Church – and to all my Discovery family, I love you!

– Brad

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