The proper response to the Gospel

There have been numerous occasions where I have caught Rylee, my 2 year-old, about to do something she shouldn’t do.  I’ll say, “Rylee, NO – don’t touch that, or don’t do that”.  To which she looks at me and does it anyway.  When she rebels and disobeys me I begin walking toward her to swat her hand, or put her in timeout.

While I begin to walk to her, she usually begins to run…not away from me…but toward me with her arms held up.

After I discipline her, and she dramatically squalls, she curls up in my arms and lays her head on my shoulder.  Why does she run toward me, then hold me after I’ve disciplined her instead of running away?  Because she knows I love her.  So she doesn’t run away from the discipline – but towards her father.

And that is exactly how we should respond to the Gospel.  Are you running from God – trying to get away from Him?  Then you don’t understand Gospel Love.  If you understood how much God loves you, you’d run to Him.

Stop running away from God, and run toward Him – arms held high.

Yes, it will hurt in the beginning.  But soon you’ll find the most loving embrace wrapped up in your Savior’s arms.

– Brad

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