Discovery Church 3 months in

Wow, I’ve been slack in writing here at the website lately!  Never fear we have some good posts in the pipeline for the next few days.  In the meantime let me give you an update and forecast for Discovery Church.

We are 3 months in since we launched with weekly services back in January.  God has been working in the lives of so many people.  We’ve seen people saved and people giving and volunteering to help others discover life in Jesus Christ.  I love our church…I love Discovery Church.

  • I love how we have so many people who are volunteering.  Our volunteers are what make it possible for life change to happen!
  • I love that we have new believers, non-believers, and others who have been disconnected from church involved here at Discovery! We are here for you.
  • I love the spirit and external focus of our church.  We are committed to being a place for the 1, not the 99. (Luke 15)
  • I love that THIS WEEK we are giving over $1,000 dollars away to help 1) a family in need 2) other church plants 3) buy and install a basketball goal for the Kids at Water Angels in Knoxville.  That’s a big chunk of money for a church our age and size – and we’re thrilled to give it away!

Now here is what’s coming down the road at Discovery:

  • April 17th we are observing the Lord’s Supper for the first time as a church family.
  • April 17th we also will serving at the Water Angels in Downtown Knoxville.  Go here to sign-up and participate.
  • Our first Easter Sunday is April 24th.  We are launching a new series on Grace, and this is the best opportunity you have to bring your unchurched friends to hear about the loving Grace and Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • In May we’ll also be having our first “Discovery Partnership” lunch/dinner.  We’re going to share the mission and vision of our church and give people the opportunity to become official partners of Discovery Church.  More on why we say partners, instead of members later.
  • This summer we will be organizing our Small Groups and Student ministries.

As you can see there is much to thank God for and much to be excited about!

– Brad Raby, Lead Pastor

3 thoughts on “Discovery Church 3 months in

    1. As we are with you. Look forward to seeing what God does through Ignition here…and another Duke fan in town!

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