Some things sneak up on you

Today good friends of mine will say good-bye as their son leaves to enter the Air Force.  I called the young soon to be Airman today to let him know I loved him and prayed for him.

I didn’t see what happened next coming, it totally surprised me.  After I hung up I teared up and got emotional.  In an instance my mind went to parent mode and I began to think of what it would be like in a few years when my baby girl leaves.  I was for a moment in my friends shoes imagining what that day would be like when I waved goodbye in the driveway or at the airport.  (I think Kleenex stock will go up a few points that day)

So, I kissed my girl and told her I loved her a few extra times this morning.  It’s days like this that I am reminded to cherish the days we have.  To prioritize her and my wife over all other earthly things.    To spend less time worried and focused on the frivolous and more time dialed into my family.

Yes, there are times Rylee gets on your last nerve and you want a break from the whining or whatever.  But…

I’ve never heard a parent regret the time they spent with their kids.

Redeem the time…

– Brad

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