Introducing the Team – part 2

The birth of Discovery Church began as an idea, but it wasn’t mine in the beginning.  10 years ago while in college, training to be a pastor, my roommate asked me something to the effect of “What do you think about starting a church?”  That question in Martin dorm, room 207 never got out of my mind.

That roommate was my best friend Craig Price, one of our Pastors here at Discovery Church.   Craig and I grew up together here in East Tennessee.  We were unstoppable as a tandem in Junior Pro Basketball when we were 10 years old.  Granted the Box Score always looked the same, Price – 25 points, Raby 4 points.

Craig is passionate about ministry to students.  Craig has given his adult life to ministering to youth in schools and in the local church.  When we launch Discovery’s Student ministry in 2011 – He’ll be the guy leading the way.  By his side will be his lovely wife Leah, who is also dedicated to ministering and mentoring young ladies.  Craig and Leah have 2 kids, Landon and Savannah.

Craig is an integral part of Discovery Church.  If you want to get plugged into one of our setup teams, or hear more about his vision for youth ministry shoot Craig an e-mail:

BTW, check out these shorts! Got to love the 80’s!

– Brad

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