Introducing the Team part 1

Discovery Church is many things…one thing it is not, and will not be is about one man.  Discovery Church is led by a group of individuals who are fueled by a passion for God, and a desire to see our community and world discover life in Jesus Christ.

I want to introduce the team to you over the next few days.  Some you may know, but others not so much.  We’re all here to serve the body of Christ, so let us know how we can help you!

Our Discovery Kids Director: Julie Raby

I’m, especially partial to this beautiful woman. (she’s my wife and mother to my also beautiful daughter)  Julie has been involved in ministry her whole life.  She’s the daughter of a pastor, and was born while her dad was a planting a church in Ohio.   She began singing when she was just a young girl, and has done everything from travel in a singing group to lead worship at her church.

She got her feet wet in Children’s ministry when she launched a high energy worship environment for elementary kids a couple of years ago.  She feels that church shouldn’t be a boring spiritual chore kids have to endure, but rather an exciting time where the faith and heart of a child is drawn closer to their heavenly Father.  Julie currently leads Discovery Kids, an environment that your children will love.  It’s filled with high energy music, activities, bible stories, cutting edge video dramas and practical lessons that will help parents grow the faith and character of their children.

To learn more about Discovery Kids, send Julie and e-mail.

– Brad

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