A Great Night

Tonight we had a High School student give her life to Jesus. It was awesome! We discussed what it meant to have Authentic Faith. We defined what Faith isn’t and what Faith is.

Now, the first SHBC student that leaves a comment with the definition of what Authetic Faith is will get a Free Toby Mac CD next Wednesday when we launch our new Ministry Brand.

“Faith is ________________________________________ and that _________________________.

Leave a comment and WIN!

– Brad

8 thoughts on “A Great Night

  1. The power of a fire-tested life what if life isnt meant to be perfect but we are meant to trust the one who is????????????

  2. I know. . .I know. . .Can I win . . .Can I winAnyway, I was great sitting in with you guys last night. You hit the mark on FAITH! Keep up the good work and Keep telling like it is!

  3. We have a winner!! Evan, you’ll get the new Toby Mac cd next Wednesday, remind me!Faith is confidence that God is who He says He is, and that He will do what He says he will do

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