Countdown to Monday Night Football

“It’s Football Time in Tennessee” – John Ward

10 years ago John Ward led of every game of his final season with those words. And it rings true this weekend – FOOTBALL SEASON is FINALLY here!

The Big Orange kick of this Monday Night versus the Bruins of UCLA. Here’s what I’m looking forward to seeing:

1. How will Jonathan Crompton handle the stars? He was a parade All-American coming out of High School and has been waiting in the wings. I believe he is similar to Tee Martin, without the 450 on Bench press. He’s big, good arm, and while not a spread runner, capable of picking up 2 first downs a game with his feet.

2. Crompton’s best friend this year – A very talented pass catching tight-end named Brandon Warren. The NCAA just about screwed this one up, but we finally got him eligible – What ya think about that Free Shoe U?

3. It’s been a few years since we’ve had one of the BEST football players in the country…Eric Berry is the best, or possibly the second best player at his position. I love the way he lowers the boom on ya…Hey Eric, Check out Toby Mac’s “Boom’n” track – it could be a good tune for you.

4. Multiple formations. That will be the biggest difference in the way UT looks this year. We might have lined up in 8-10 different formations a game last year it seemed. This year we may see 25 different looks. However, over anxious UT fan – Execution is more important than formation – Cutcliffe was the execution master, so let’s not crown Clawson the offensive messiah just yet. After all we avereged 33 points a game last year.

5. Beating The Gators….I just am feeling it…it will be close…Tebow will be tough…we may go to overtime, but then the echos of 1998 will return and the game will end something like this:

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