Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

Tony Morgan posted this article on his blog. I found it very interesting. Check it out:

Last Sunday at our Greenville campus, we had an older couple, probably in their sixties, accept Christ. That’s worth celebrating. I love to watch life change happen.

Here’s what’s amazing about stories like that. Our services in Greenville aren’t designed for people in their sixties. Our services are designed for a much younger audience. It’s an audience that loves loud music. They are comfortable with video teaching, because video is already a huge part of their lives. They love the coffeehouse atmosphere.

Here’s what we’ve learned. If we design our service experiences for a younger audience, we’re more likely to reach that younger person and we’ll also reach older folks. The reverse is not true. If we designed our service experience for an older audience, the younger crowd would not show up.

Now, here’s the reality. Most churches in America are designed for an older audience. In fact, the more-seasoned folks in those churches are sitting on committees telling the students and young adults how they can and can’t do ministry. The result? Younger people are leaving churches in droves.

To read the rest of this article go HERE.

– Brad

One thought on “Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

  1. Totally agree. I read the rest of the article and this guy hits the point right on. This is not about us it is about all the lost people in our hurting world who are going to spend an eternity in hell unless we reach out and go beyond our comfort zones on what the norm for church is and man’s traditions that have been set up for generations. We have to start going by the word of God not our traditions.

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