Help for a dangerous addiction

Last night I received an e-mail from a Pastor who wanted help in counseling a church member regarding the issue of pornography. I have copied his e-mail and mine, without using names for privacy. This may be a help to others.

Dear Brad,
I had a father come to me and said his 14-year-old son has been downloading pornography. He’s probably not too deep into it. The dad wants to know if we can recommend any good material for him to use in — anything to read or study — with his son. He wants to work with him now to prevent deeper involvement.

Any suggestions?

Pastor ________.

My Response:

Dear Pastor________,

Yes, I have your 1 stop shopping.

This website is complete with anonymous counseling, materials to beat the addiction, accountability software, both free and for purchase. Additionally, it has information for pastors, parents, teens etc.

These guys are leading a revolution against porn and trying to evangelize the porn community.

They are straightforward, and very open – so they aren’t prim and proper enough for a booth at the local convention meeting, but if he wants help it is the place to go.

All pastors should be made aware of this ministry. And, of course you already know he should sit down with his son and the student pastor to establish some accountability and set up follow-up help.



2 thoughts on “Help for a dangerous addiction

  1. Thanks for the info on XXXchurch.I have also found the following ministries very helpful:Freedom Begins Here – they sell wonderful tool kits with Bible studies and accountability software is included – – a great ministry for teens – Porn Talk – founded by Mike Foster who used to work for XXXchurch – Against Porn – Eyes offers a great accountability program for those who struggle with Internet porn. There’s a promo code you can use – ‘onefree’ – to get a free month.

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