A Solemn Warning

Several people I know are at the Drive Conference which is being held at North Point Community Church in Alpharretta, Ga.

I went to the last Drive Conf. in November of 2006. I blogged in great detail about my experience then – you can see those posts in the 2006 – November Archives.

Without going into alot of detail here, let me give those of you attending this week some advice: Make sure you are ready for a real change if you try to practice what you learn at Drive 2008.

I often wander to myself, “If I hadn’t went to Drive ‘O6 would I still be in Florida working at my former church and living in my own home?” I usually answer with a yes.

But don’t be discouraged – I would rather have lost my job and my home, as painful as that is to say, than to give up what God used Drive to give to me.

– Brad

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