5 Really Great Years

5 years ago I married my wonderful wife Julie. It has been an amazing adventure from the ceremony until today.

We’ve had some really amazing times: Trips to Busch Gardens with the nephews, The Drive Conference, Trips to Cedarville and Liberty, The Indy vacation with the Colts – even though you were sick, All the Friday dinner and movies, the ministry success moments: people saved, lives changed, New York City and many more.

We’ve had some really tough times: The 6 weeks without any paychecks, The delusional Christians, the baby, losing the job, the people we’ve lost.

Through it all you’ve been right there!

I am so thankful for the blessing from God that is Julie Raby. To journey through life with a partner who is so loving and supporting is truly a dream. Thank You Shmoopy!

– Brad

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