3 Strikes and you’re out

I grew up loving Professional Baseball. I still remember my favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds, sweeping the Oakland A’s for the 1990 World Series. Sorry, I wasn’t around for the Big Red Machine!.

But MLB Baseball really lost me in 1994 with the strike that ended the season with no World Series. I was 13 and in love with baseball, and I got burned.

In 1998, I came back for that magical summer of the home run chase. I couldn’t wait to see SportsCenter to see if McGuire or Sosa had hit number 62.

But the congressional hearing on performance enhancing drugs that had Sammy speaking No Englesia and McGuire only wanting to look to the ‘future’, disgusted me.

Now, it seems that the most honest guy in all of Baseball may be one of the biggest idiots in sports history: Jose Canseco. Today the George Mitchell report informs us that over 80 players! are linked to ‘Roids or HGH – are you kidding me?

Sorry, MLB 3 strikes and your out. I don’t want to see it anymore.

– Brad

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