My Personal Goals for 2008

Not necessarily ‘New Years Resolutions’, but goals that I am aiming at.

1. To be stirred and passionate in my personal walk with God like never before.
– I want the word to be ‘sweet like honey’
2. To be a Godly and Romantic Husband.
– We husbands often times slip in leading our homes. We really slip in romancing our wives.
3. To read 12 new books.
– Half of which on church planting and church leadership.
4. To become a father.
– Julie and I lost our first baby this past summer in pregnancy and we are trying to being new life into the world again.
5. To build and rekindle friendships with people I haven’t seen in 5 years.
– I’ve moved back to my hometown and want to reconnect to old friends…after all I moved back to start a church for them and their unchurched or dechurched friends.

– Brad

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