The Three Dumbest Ideas in History

Might go something like this:

1. Communism
2. Hilary Clinton’s Health care game
3. The Bowl Championship Series (BCS)

How ludicrous it is to decide championships by 1. Computers 2. Coaches who aren’t able to watch the games they vote on 3. For teams to rise and fall not by field performance, but rather by field preference. (Georgia was the # 4 team, and would be the number # 2 team any other week of the year, except West Virginia and Missouri lost, so that makes them worse now???)

For the record, LSU is probably the team that deserves to play in the championship game the most. (Maybe, it is all hypothetical) They didn’t lose to Colorado or Stanford.

The scenario should go something like this:

(Second Weekend in December
Ohio State(Big Ten Auto Bid) vs. Hawaii (At Large Bid) in the Sugar Bowl.
LSU (SEC Auto Bid) vs. West Virginia (Big East Auto Bid) in Fiesta Bowl
USC (Pact-10 Auto Bid) vs. Georgia (At Large Big) in Rose Bowl
Oklahoma (Big 12 Auto Bid) vs. Virgina Tech (ACC Auto Bid) in Orange Bowl

(Third Weekend in December)
Sugar Bowl Winner vs. Rose Bowl Winner
Fiesta Bowl Winner vs. Orange Bowl Winner

(First Weekend in January)
National Championship Game

This Scenario would insure that the regular season stays exciting, while guaranteeing deserving teams get a chance to play for a championship.

– Brad

One thought on “The Three Dumbest Ideas in History

  1. Yes and this scenerio is desired by the SEC coaches but not the Big Ten and especially not the Pac 10. I hear that all the Conference commissioners and Bowl operators do want this except for the Rose Bowl and the PAC 10 and BIG 10 leagues. I don’t blame them.. with your scenerio, Georgia and LSU would play for the National Championship. And last year would have been Florida and LSU. WHo wants to see rematches every post season?? lol

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