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This past weekend I moved Julie up to Tennessee, which meant the driving away from your family in the driveway moment. It was tough, for both of us, but obviously she was leaving her family and that is simply hard. She has been really amazing with all that has transpired in the last 4 months.

Having said that…I am often asked: “Do you miss Florida?”

That is a complicated question because I love Tennessee and being from the south means being totally devoted to your heritage. (If you’re from Knoxville, you always bleed Orange) The truth is: I love Tennessee and am happy to be back, but yes I miss parts of Florida. Aside from Family and Friends which we miss much!, it is the ‘little’ things I miss.

So for you Floridian blog readers of mine, here are some of the little things I miss:

1. AM Radio. Tampa is a large media market which means much better local sports and news radio broadcasters and hosts. I like the afternoon sports guys (John Wilkerson & Jimmy Hyams) BUT that is it!
2. FM Radio. Again, bigger market, more music of my liking.
3. Publix, it is a superior grocery store to Food City and Kroger’s.
4. Interstate. You may think there is a lot of construction on I-275, but it is nothing compared to when I-75 and I-40 meet in Knoxville…Knoxville is on big defensive driving course.
5. NFL. I love the Big Orange more, but being an NFL city is cool.
6. Alligators. Seeing them everywhere you go is just unique.
7. Cell phone reception. I am mixed about this: I love the mountains, but the flat land is good for cellular signals.
8. AMC Vets 24. The theater screens are SO huge!

I’m sure there are others, and when I think of them I’ll update this post. Soon, I’ll post what I love about Tennessee that Florida lacks, and you Floridians can make vacation plans for the Smokies!

– Brad

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