Beware Fulmer Haters

I have been at a loss over the seeming mediocrity in Tennessee Football over the last 4 or 5 years as many Tennessee Fans. I miss the days of dominating Alabama, not even worrying about Vandy, and playing in the Georgia Dome the first weekend of December.

I miss single digit rankings that have been so rare. I miss the absolute security that used to be Neyland Stadium. I miss our Top-10 Defense.

It isn’t just me…listen to 1 hour of Knoxville Talk Radio and their is a Civil War taking place in Tennessee. Fire Phil Fulmer vs. Keep Phil Fulmer.

I have been at odds with some of the things Phil has done, and mostly the things he has not done in recent years, but before we get on the bandwagon, let me add this word of caution: 10-3, 10-3, 5-6 and 9-4 (Fulmer over last 4 years) could turn into 3-10, 3-10, 4-9 and 6-5.

Nebraska booted Frank Solich after a record of 58 – 19, which included 1 National Championship game, 6 bowls, 3 top 10s in 6 years. In his final year the Cornhuskers won 10 games and the Cotton Bowl. The replacement Bill Calahan: Went 5-6 in the first year, 2 mediocre seasons, and this year Nebraska lost 5 games in a row for the first time in almost 50 years.

Ole Miss fired David Cutcliffe after a record of 44-29 in 2004. In 2003 Cutcliffe went 10-3(1st in 30 years, won the SEC West Title(the only one in it’s history) and won the Cotton Bowl AT OLE MISS! Since then: As of October 25, 2007, Ole Miss was last in the SEC in scoring offense, punting, turnover margin, rushing offense, rushing defense, total defense, punt returns, opponent first downs, red-zone offense, opponent third-down conversions, field goal percentage, time of possession and kickoff coverage.

Other School with the same results: Notre Dame, Alabama, N.C. State, Minnesota.

Florida and Ohio State have fired coaches with excellent records and successfully hired coaches to do better: Urban Meyer(UF) and Jim Tressel(OSU)

Beware Fulmer haters – it is a risky thing to fire a good coach. Who will you hire?
– Brad

One thought on “Beware Fulmer Haters

  1. I do understand the desire for change. Sometimes change is good. I will say this. Justin Rutherford made a good point today. It seems to me that our young players don’t get in on offense much like they do at Florida (Percy Harvins). Evidently the developing of our offensive freshmen is not what it should be or we need to have some offensive sets for them. Especially when your best athlete is from Junior COllege and you can’t get him on the Field!!But also, with Saban, Meyer, Spurrier, and Miles are all SEC coaches. Kentucky playing well again. Facts are Florida has lost 3 games this year, ranked 3rd at one point, heisman candidate. Lsu has gotten lucky in at least 2 games, and is ranked 1st, Kentucky, and SC both top 10 at one point. GA is top 10 and Tenn killed them. Facts are.. in the SEC there is a new standard of excellence. 3 losses or less is a really good year. 2 or less is a great year. 1 or less.. you are the best in the nation. It is too hard in the SEC to expect success each year. A coach needs to go to the SEC championship once every 4 years and a BCS bowl game on average once every 5 years. It is unfail how hard the SEC is now. We win this weekend and I consider it a very successful season with a very young defense and very young receiver core!You think the SEC is good this year. Wait till next year. 4 teams in the East will be top 10 in the nation at one point. I perdict. Maybe pre-season top 15 at least 6 SEC teams. It is Crazy!

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