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On Moving
I recently moved from Florida to Tennessee. The move is still incomplete – I have to pick up the two most important items – the Wife and the TV…oh and the Dog, so 3.

I have has the not so privileged opportunity of moving several times in the last few years (5 times in 5 Years…TN to FL, Parsonage to Apartment, Apartment to In-Laws which was a temp move, In-Laws to Land O’ Lakes House, LOL House to Tennessee.)
SO, with that experience I offer these tips:

1. DON’T be a ‘Pack Rat’. You will be amazed how packing, moving, and unpacking several times will remove the sentimental value of certain possessions. If you don’t use it or won’t use it, then Lose It!

2. Plan Ahead. If you’re moving, the last thing you want to do is move in a rush. Good planning will help keep you from stressing out over all of the tasks involved in a move.

3. If you have the $$, hire a moving company. If your like me and you have -$$, begin packing at least 5 days before your load day. Begin packing non-essentials, decorations, off season clothing etc. (You’ll be glad you did, trust me the 24 hour packathon is no fun)

4. Check your local grocery store for empty boxes. The moving supply stores charge more than you want to pay for card board boxes. Wine boxes make excellent glass moving boxes.

5. Be aware of excessive long range driving rates from companies like U-Haul and Budget. My rate from Tampa to Knoxville was going to be over $1,700.00. However, my Rate from Tampa to just over the Georgia border was $233.00, and from there to Knoxville was $362.00 for a total of $595.00 – a savings of $1,100.00, which was worth the 30 minute check-in and check-out time.

These are just a few tips – maybe you have some more you can leave for others by leaving a comment below.

– Brad

9 thoughts on “Some thoughts…

  1. Have a son in law who is a mover with 2 good size sons is the best way to move.Just want you to know I am keeping up with your blog .I am so sorry you moved .God knows what you are going to do even if you don’t.I pray God has a really great plan laid out for you and Julie.Love to you both ,Trudy

  2. Mark those boxes! Don’t put miscellaneous or “kitchen stuff”, “bedroom stuff”, etc. Mark the box as specific as possible. It may take a little more time on the front end but it is well worth it when you can’t unpack everything when you move and you are having to look for something. You’ll be glad you did then!Mindy

  3. When moving…after all the stuff has been moved on site to the new location…dont allow your wife or helpers leave u to unpack and place everything…in my case both of my roomates running off to play 18 holes of golf while I am set to sort through three guys worth of stuff…..

  4. Archie. . Either you are a patsy or a saint! A hint if you are showing a house so you can move is to have 2 or 3 laundry baskets available so that when you are showing the house you can go through the house and throw all the last minute clutter into it and put it in your car until after the showing. That one will really save you if you have small ones. Mindy

  5. If you have a husband, send him first so you don’t have to unpack at all. 🙂 Although when you get there things might not be where they should be. Hence, I can’t find my clothes or shoes!

  6. My advice is to go golfing and leave everything for your roommate to do… Actually Archie I have no idea what you are talking about.. Are you talking about Temple and Chad and Daniel because I know your not talking about me and Nick.. Oh yah.. have an IPOD so you can listen to music while moving.

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