5 people I would love to have lunch or coffee with

In kind of a continuation of ‘Where I am now’ from my last post here are 5 individuals I would love to have lunch or coffee with and why.

1) Rick Warren. I would like to hear a candid discussion of what drives him. He is an A level leader – by that I mean he is the innovator that many follow.

2) Andy Stanley. One a regular basis I head over to NPM website to listen to Andy Stanley’s Sunday sermons. Studying him, and his book, Communicating for a Change, has significantly shaped my preaching in the last 2 years. I spoke at our Middle School camp this year, and most of the kids remembered my message from last year – the title and point! That wouldn’t have happened 3 years ago. (Sorry guys, they don’t remember our preaching unless…well read the book.)

3) George W. Bush. And not for political reasons. When you think about it, George is the dumbest and smartest president we have ever had according to the media. All his successes are attributed to other staffers like Rove, Powell, or Condi – any failure is due to his brilliant evil mind that is able to covertly exploit other nations and people for Oil. He’s the President of the United States, that is the toughest job in the world.

4) Laura Bush. How she is able to come off as a charming warm individual when her husband is the sticking point of constant attack is something I would cherish to glean. I would like for Julie to be there with me.

5) Peyton Manning. No reason is needed for this guy.

– Brad

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