Leaving Christian Fundamentalism Part 4

Where I am now

Andy Stanley in his book, Communicating for a Change, asks this question: “If you saw your three-year old child reaching for a scorpion, what would you do to stop her?” That question has has impacted me like few questions ever have. What’s the answer? Chances are you would be willing to run and scream in the house – even though it’s always been against the rules. Chance are you would leap over furniture and risk bodily harm to save her life. There would be no ‘norms’ that would keep you from doing everything you can to save her life.

Everyone we meet this week – in Walmart, at Taco Bell, in church, at the YMCA, on the job and where ever you may go have one thing in common, they ALL will spend eternity somewhere. Heaven or Hell, it’s that simple. What are we willing to do to keep men, women, boys and girls all over this planet from entering eternity without God?

An very right wing Christian Fundamentalist commented to my father-in-law recently that he wouldn’t criticize Andy Stanley’s church in Atlanta, GA. Why? I asked. For 25 years this fundamentalist preacher and others like him had tried to reach his family for Christ with in his words, “the old fashioned methods” – to absolutely no avail. Then his grandkids got connected to North Point’s children’s ministry. Next thing you know his family is converted and now they want to bring their friends to Christ. So, he has nothing bad to say about Stanley.

However, he remarked that he could never feel comfortable doing some of the things Stanley does. Just one question for the fundamentalist:

“Sir, wouldn’t you be willing to trade a little discomfort on your part so that your children might not spend eternity in hell ?”

I know I would.

– Brad

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