Why is Super Bad, So Super Good among believers?

One of the worst parts about the MySpace and Facebook world I live in is simply that I know too much of what everyone is doing in their lives. This week I have received numerous ‘bulletin posts’ or blog entries telling me that Super Bad is Super Awesome, EVERYONE must go see SUPER BAD, Super Bad Rocks etc.

The point of intrigue for me is this: Most of the people who have made the above comments claim to be believers.

Now, I’m not legalistic – I love the movies and go often, but I try to do so with some Christian responsibility. Super Bad just doesn’t seem to be in the realm of responsibility to me. Let’s check out the stats from Plugged in Online:

  1. Porn Nudity, Check
  2. Over 200 uses of the ‘F’ word, Check
  3. Hundreds of other Profanity, Check
  4. Multiple uses of ‘GD’, Check
  5. Glorification of underage drinking and drug abuse, Check
  6. Extreme Sexual Content, Check

In 2005 studies showed that 40% of all traffic fatalities were due to drunk driving. Also, 50-72% of all rapes on college campus’ are related to alcohol and drug abuse. Not nearly as funny as Super Bad.

So why are so many believers, watching this and having a good time? Furthermore, What the heck are parents doing out there????? Half the “Super Bad is Great” comments came from kids I know who are under 18. Come one Dad and Mom, STEP UP! The title kind of gave it away in this one. The lines are becoming too blurred between what is acceptable and unacceptable.

The positive – At least they aren’t pretending to be Super good, while just enjoying the same flick in private. Hypocrisy is worse I guess.

– Brad

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