2 thoughts on “Why not a playoff in college football?

  1. I agree Brad.. I wish I could write my notes with that few words.. I agree totally. Although Tony Kornheiser (However his last name is spelled) had a good argument against a playoff the other day.. If we had a playoff then the Ohio State and Michigan game would not have meant that much. Both teams would have rested their players for the playoffs. I’m for a playoff as much as the next person and there is no arguement good enough yet against it… But this is the closest so far in my opinion.

  2. Tony Kornhieser then must know nothing of the Ohio State Michigan Rivalry…That was for the Big Ten Championship…That wasn’t Tennessee vs. Kentucy.Ever seen Duke or North Carolina rest thier players in the last season matchup against each other. Woody Hayes once pushed his car on the road for like a mile because he wouldn’t buy gas in Michigan!

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