Keeping Christ in Christmas?

I’ve got one better: Keep Christ in Christians.

If you are looking for someone wo believes the Democrats are the reason for all the worlds woes…well, you’ve got the wrong guy.

I have sat too many times on cushioned pews and listened to the resounding shout for politicians to take action on behalf of the Christian community – especially the evangelical community, when what we need is not a pep rally on Washington, but action from the people in the pews.

Don’t get me wrong – civil duty is vitally important. I just happen to believe that the blame for all the social injustices in our communities, the denigration of our schools, the standards of our society lies not on the back of Suits in Congress, but at the doorsteps of cold, irrelevant, self centered churches & church people.

How much spiritual activity in your life and the life of your church takes place outside the walls of your sanctuary?


2 thoughts on “Keeping Christ in Christmas?

  1. Okay…I’m getting to this REALLY late…but I couldn’t agree more. We need to quit marching on Washington, making demands of our politicians. Instead, we should be spending our time, energy and resources in fasting and prayer, broken before our savior. Oh yeah, maybe we should take that Great Commission thing seriously and start telling people about Jesus?Unfortunately, that doesn’t make such fun soundbites on the nightly news.

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