The Final drive.

Here are some of my thoughts in summing up our 4 days @ North Point Community Church and the Drive Conference:

1) The church gets in the way of God too often. Christianity is at its best when it is raw and unbridled by years of religiosity.

2) If you focus on who you reach, instead of those you keep – you’ll be criticized by man, but thanked by sinners who have escaped the torments of hell, much like a man named Jesus. Who didn’t come to “sit around and keep saved folks happy”, but rather “to seek and save the lost”

3) I love the electric guitar so much more than the organ!

4) That preachers, including myself, have pushed everyone to be better and more cutting edge at their craft, while we preach with the same style etc. for 25+ years. Title, Scripture, Intro, Points, Illustrations, Conclusions, Prayer…BLAH BLAH BLAH. We think we have really become dynamic by putting
our outlines on video screens. Why don’t we work harder at communicating a message so amazing as the Gospel? Why do we think we have “arrived”? We aren’t there yet.

5) Busyness is the death blow to a leader.

6) Bill Belichick has spent the past two offseasons at the University of Florida’s campus to learn Urban Meyer’s spread offense. (No, this wasn’t a seminar topic, but I read it in sport Illustrated during the Drive Conf. week.) You ask, what has that to do with anything?? Here it is: Bill Belichick won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years with the New England Patriots. What makes him so great? He feels he can learn from a YOUNG, new ball coach that hasn’t had as much success as him. Why can’t we apply that to the church world? I have observed this phenomenon in the universe that takes place too often in church life: Many older, experienced pastors cringe at the idea of learning from a younger pastor with fewer ‘years’ attached to his resume. The Tie hates to learn from the T-shirt.

7) Why don’t the CEOs of major companies make all the business pitches in meetings? Because some times the LEADER of an organization is not the best COMMUNICATOR. And sometimes the best COMMUNICATOR is not the best LEADER.

– Brad, who is NOT there yet!

2 thoughts on “The Final drive.

  1. My neighbor makes a couple of mill a year as a motivational speaker. Maybe you should give it a try–just kidding! I agree with the idea that we can always learn from each other no matter what station in life we are. Uh ho, did someone say “humility”?

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