Words form Charles @ drive. ’06

Charles Stanley, Andy’s famous daddy spoke this morning in one of our general sessions. He had some remarkable words to say…words I wish I’d heard 2 yeards ago, but then again, they may not have meant as much. Here are some pithy quotes about Dealing with Conflict:

“Where there is going to be change, there is going to be conflict – Don’t run from it, or you’ll never stop.”

“Run towards the conflict, not from it”

***Main Idea of whole talk: “Obey God and leave the consequences to God”

“God always assumes the responsibility for our obedience”

“Whatever drives me to God has to be good”

“Learn to fight your battles on your knees”

“Stay free, indebted to no one – then no one can can back you into a corner”

Throughout the whole morning he described dramatic conflict after conflict – and if you know anything about Charles Stanley, you know he’s had his share. Everyone was challenged to “Obey God, and leave the consequences with Him.”


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