Fun @ Church – more drive. ’06


Fun is one of the principles the people of North Point have been hammering home this conference. But fun @ church?? Isn’t that unspiritual? Isn’t church a place to worship God? How then can we enjoy church. Recently I heard and old fashioned preacher say in a sermon, “You’ll have to carry me out of here(the church) before I have some Christian band playing in our church…we aren’t here to entertain people” 5 minutes later he told 2 or three stories that involved him bringing the world’s largest icecream sundae” to church to attract people in a church campaign. The same pastor (a wonderful man by the way) tells about 6 jokes per sermon…Sounds pretty entertaining, huh?

The church has marginalized itself into irrelevance. In a world full of seriousness: board meetings, school reports, college tuition, retirement, etc. Don’t we need to enjoy something every once in a while. Well, I am convinced that God wants us to enjoy Him. Yes, that’s me playing one of the 50 or so racing games North Point had set up in the church foyer…for FUN!


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