Adoption Update from Uganda

On Tuesday, January 10th we left Knoxville and traveled about 10,000 miles over a 24 hour period to Kampala, Uganda.  Got to bed, woke up and drove about 2.5 hours south to the boys’ orphanage where we were reunited at last.


We wrote letters with pictures over the last 6 months and prayed that somehow they would not forget the bond we had formed.  Those prayers were answered.  They took to us right away as if we had never left.  This was an incredible blessing.  We were able to spend time with Simon, who due to a very long and lengthy immigration delay will not be able to travel back with us at this time.  Fortunately, at 2 years of age he is a bit oblivious to what is happening.  We were glad that we were able to leave the orphanage without it causing any emotional trauma, at least to Simon.


Today, (Friday) we took the boys to get their medical appointment scheduled to clear them for Visas.  That appointment will be Monday.  After the medical is sent to the US Embassy, they will schedule an interview with us, and then prepare visas for the twins.  In the meantime we wait, and bond with the boys.


This trip has been filled with joy and stress, but our Father has been faithful to strengthen us on this journey, giving us exactly what is needed every step of the way.  The joys are seeing the boys cherish their first ever possessions.  They mostly wear their backpacks, with their Matchbox cars, all day long.  They are big fans of Orange Fanta.  (Yes it’s soda, and we’re okay with them getting these gifts…in moderation) They really seemed to enjoy their first experience brushing their teeth.  They love music … with a strong drum beat.  No surprise there.  They call us Daddy and Momma, which melts your heart.  They like to wear hats like daddy and sunglasses like Momma. Now, don’t think it’s all cuteness.  They are little mischievous boys who like to sneak, hit and throw things and eat.  Boy do they like to eat.


We cherish the prayers, well wishes and kind words you have posted online of the boys.  We are so fortunate to be surrounded by an army of family, friends and neighbors who love us so well.  (A special thanks to my siblings, parents and parent-in-laws for taking care of Rylee for us. She is a stalwart.) Pray for short waits and efficient processes that will bring us home soon.

We love you guys!

Brad and Julie

2 thoughts on “Adoption Update from Uganda

  1. Those boys stole my heart for the 6 weeks that I got to spend everyday with them! So happy they have a home I don’t even have words!

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