Adoption Update

Dear Friends,

Well, the day we have prayed for the last 6 years is finally within sight.  Next week Julie and I will return to Uganda to complete the immigration process for Andrew and Kato.  Unfortunately, the ‘red tape’ of Simon’s case is still in progress with the U.S. Immigration system. We will have to make a third trip in the future to bring home the baby.

In the meantime we’re excited about this next step.  We know there will be some challenges, but are grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness in all of this journey.  Would you pray for us over the next 3 weeks?  You can pray specifically for:

1) Traveling mercies
2) Short lines and expedient processes with medical appointments and visa documents
3) Re-bonding with the boys and guidance to help them through this adjustment process
4) Wisdom and grace to love on Simon, knowing we most likely can’t bring him home yet.
5) Spiritual endurance.  It’s hard to describe the spiritual warfare being in a different culture and adopting.  There is so much hardship, it can be really overwhelming.
6) Rylee.  We will be away from her much longer than we or she likes.  She’s a trooper though and we are proud of how she has handled all of this.

Friends – thank you so much for how you have supported us in this LONG journey.  Can’t wait for you to meet the boys!


Brad and Julie Raby

One thought on “Adoption Update

  1. Thanks God for those that care and support those children my prayer are with all the families that are willing to open Their door for then ,
    God bless all.

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