The Church and Sexual Assault

The interview linked below is with Justin Holcomb, a pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA.  Justin and his wife Lindsey have co-authored the book Rid of My Disgrace.  1 in 5 people have been or will be victims of sexual assault in their lifetime.

This statistics may seem exaggerated, but 10 years of ministry experience has confirmed the reality of this darkness.  I am so grateful for this resource because of how it will help those who are victims, but also pastors, family, and friends of those who are.  There are hurting people all around us who feel shame and disgrace because they were violated and abused by someone.  It’s important that we know how to communicate to them how much they are loved and valued by God and how the Grace of God can rid them of their disgrace.

Justin has been a valuable counselor to me personally as I have encountered people who need healing as a result of sexual assault.  Check out the interview and pick up a copy of the book.

If you’re a victim of sexual assault – we want to help you.  You are loved and valuable! I can be contacted confidentially by email HERE.





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