Clarity, Clarity, Clarity

Frequently I get a chance to meet with ministry or business professionals to swap leadership principles.  Recently I sat down with a man who is preparing to plant a new church.  He wanted to ‘pick my brain’ about all things church planting.  Disclaimer: I have way more to learn than to teach, but when I’m asked to give advice there is one thing I know.

This one thing transfers over to business, youth ministry, teaching, parenting – you name it.  The one thing is CLARITY.  Specifically clarity in vision.  Having a clarity of your call and mission in life is like having a detailed map when you head out for vacation.  It simplifies, guides, and corrects.

A clear vision as to what should be and what could be in your ministry, business plan, family – you name it will simplify decision-making.  It will eliminate clutter and distraction.  A clear vision paves the path you need to go.  Without a clarity in our vision we oftentimes find our selves going in circles – never ending up where we want to be.  A clear vision will re-calculate our direction when we head in the wrong direction, and put us back on track.

So how do we achieve clarity in our vision?

1) Know who’s in charge.  If you are clear that it’s not about you and it’s all about Jesus Christ, that makes the path much more clear.

2) Know who you are.  Just as we all have uniqueness in our DNA, God has uniquely designed each of us for His purposes.  Spend time finding discovering what passions and gifts God has given you – and you’ll easily find the purpose.

3) Know who you’re not.  Don’t try to adapt someone else’s vision for your life, ministry, or family. God didn’t goof up when He made you.  Be who YOU are.  Be unique.  Normal is overrated.

4) Know others will not always get it.  To ignore the voice of wise counsel in your life is foolish.  More foolish though is to be controlled by all the dissenting voices in your life.  Bill Cosby once said, “I don’t know the key to success, but I do know that the key to failure is to try to please everyone.


– Brad


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