Repenting of my Repentance

I’ve come to a haunting realization lately. I’ve come to realize that I need to repent for my selfish, prideful, sinful repentance.

It has occurred to me that I often repent of sin because I realize the consequences that sin can bring in my life. When I repent of anger – I do so because I feel guilt and know that it hurts my reputation. When I repent for not being faithful to scripture study and prayer – I do so because I know I supposed to be faithful in those areas. When I repent of my arrogance and pride – I do so because of how bad it makes me feel. When I repent for lust I do so because I know that pursuit of that lust would hurt my family and damage my ministry.

I’ve come to realize that I repent because I feel guilt, or want to avoid the consequences of my sin.

I should repent for one reason – because I’ve sinned against God and hurt the heart of my Savior.

I’ve found that even my repentance can be rooted in flesh and pride.

What about you?

2 thoughts on “Repenting of my Repentance

  1. I have just now been convicted of my repentance.
    That is an in your face blog. Turn it into a sermon.

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