Perry Noble on the Churches future…

Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina recently posted this article on Why he thinks the best days of the Church are ahead.

I Agree! Amen, Perry!

As I survey the landscape of church in America I am not buying into to the “doom and gloom” that some people seem to take joy in declaring…

IN FACT, I believe the opposite…I seriously believe the churches best days are ahead of her.
Acts 2 wasn’t something that happened that we are supposed “to get back to,” it was where we STARTED FROM…and should be FOUNDATIONAL and not just some ideal we strive for…
And I’m seeing that!

I see leaders stepping up and leading with CONVICTION and PASSION…and begging God for HIS permission instead of begging committees for their approval!

I see Jesus being preached and repentance being demanded…and people RESPONDING in droves because THE GOSPEL, not some non-eternal agenda, has taken center stage.

I see churches being planted and video campuses getting started by people who are more interested in seeing birth given to babies rather than trying to resurrect the dead.

To read more, and I encourage you too see his full post HERE.

– Brad

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