Before there was Twitter…

There was the pithy public bathroom stall inscriptions usually tallying 140 characters or less. Not to totally disgust you right now, but I had to visit a Walmart public restroom this week and found myself starring at this little work of graffiti. As you can see it reads, “Jesus died for you…What can you do for Him?…John 3:16.”

The answer that initially came to my mind was, “We can quit vandalizing other people’s property!” After all at some point there will be a man or woman who has to clean or repair this door because of some one’s really poor attempt at spreading the gospel message – what will their thoughts be?

Maybe the problem in the church today isn’t a lack of spreading the message that Jesus saves, but how we do it.

– Brad

2 thoughts on “Before there was Twitter…

  1. I like it personally… I agree that the church needs to change things up and quit doing things in a way that Jesus would not do them.. such as the verse after john John 3:16. it says he did not come to condemn. The church does way too much condemning and not enough loving.. however, i find this to be cool becuase at least its his name getting out.. perhaps it is used in a way that could seem negative to the man who has to clean it.. but the individual was probably not thinking of how it could offend someone as much as they were hoping it would bless someone. What the church needs to do better is disciple so that we can teach people how to witness.. this may be an example of our weak witnessing techniques and the result is someone trying to do something.. idk.. just a thought. what do you think brad?

  2. Here's the thing, the message isn't wrong, but it's delivered in the wrong way. The gospel message can be offensive – the scripture makes that clear, but the way we deliver it shouldn't be. Anytime we do damage to the testimony of of the message to get it out we hurt the cause and name of Jesus. We can't violate one Biblical principles to deliver the message. It's wrong to deface property no matter if it's a slur, or that Jesus Loves You.

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