So who do you pick?

The NFL and College Football Season are in session – Thankfully!

So it’s time to pick who will win the BCS Championship this year. Your pick will be recorded here, so if your prognosis skills are impeccable, you’ll be able to brag to all of your friends. So, who do you pick? Florida, USC, Ohio State, Alabama, BYU, Texas…or someone else?

Leave your pick in the comment section below and vote on the poll here at

– Brad

PS, next week will make our Super Bowl pick after week 1

8 thoughts on “So who do you pick?

  1. Matt Barkley is good.. but he will not be given enough responsibility to be able to go undefeated this year even in that little conferenece out west. I predict Florida over Texas by 10

  2. Apparently my prediction is still the only one standing… any other predictions people? How could so many people honetly pick a team with a Freshmen QB even if he is a future NFL Star

  3. Right Jess because there havent been any one loss teams in the national championship before….lets see florida twice, oklahoma, lsu was a two loss team, ohio st just a few of the recent ones. So I think everyone except the ohio st pick still works.

  4. A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool's back… 1611 KJV Miami and penn st will play for the title… alabama and florida are 2 other options.

  5. To the contrary I see no chance for USC to lose a game and still be in the championship game such as OSU now because the PAC-10 is not rated high enough to lose a game (especially against an unranked team) and still have a chance… That is unless everyone else loses two. FL might lose next week to LSU if Teebow can't play but if they win the rest and SEC Championship they woudl still be in it.. no such thing for USC… That was my only point

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