A little sabatical

I’ve been a relatively avid blogger for 4 years or so now, which amounts to around 350 posts here at BradRaby.com, but I needed a little break. It was unannounced, so for those who come here regularly – sorry I didn’t give you any notice. In the last three weeks here’s a little of what has transpired for me:

1) My baby girl Rylee has turned 6 months old! Wow, she has changed my life. I love her and her mother so much.

2) I’ve accepted the role of interim preaching pastor at South Harriman Baptist Church while we look for a senior pastor. South Harriman is a great local expression of the body of Christ and it is my honor to preach the Word of God every Sunday. We’re in a series called Directionally Challenged…check it out HERE.

3) In the Student Ministry we’ve been excitedly watching the Construction of our new Student Center. Check out the progress for yourself HERE.

4) Hey, IT’S FINALLY FOOTBALL SEASON BABY! Go VOLS! And what would football season be without some drama from Brett Favre!

5) Did I mention that I will be attending the Colts vs. Patriots game on November 15th. So pumped.

Hey, isn’t God awesome?!

– Brad

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