Thoughts and Reflections from my 10 year High School Reunion

** updated version **

1.) Holy Cow!, It’s been a decade since I was in High School. Time flies!

2.) Remnants of distant memories can be brought to life again when you are around the people you created them with. It was easy to remember the funny moments, unique traits that apply only to my High School mates, Football games, etc.

3.) It’s weird how some people look very similar to the way I last saw them 10 years ago, and some of us (I include myself in this category when I see pics from 10 years ago) look quite different.

4.) We aren’t kids anymore, although many of us have kids. I think the DJs were pretty disappointed in how wild we were NOT.

5.) The 10 year reunion made me want to stay in better touch with my High School friends. I had lunch with one less than a week later. After graduation I couldn’t wait to get away, and going off to college and moving to Florida was great for me. However, 10 years later I want to reconnect.

6.) I graduated High School with some really great people.

  • 1 is a missionary in the Middle East
  • 1 is a doctor and has done incredible medical/humanitarian work in a third world country, and has a passion to use his gifts to do more.
  • Several are teachers – need I say more? Some of which work with kids in what is perceived by many as hopeless situations.
  • Several are passionate about their faith in God and desire for redemption and good in mankind.
  • Several are in public service.
  • Several are serving or have served our country in the military.
  • We love our children. I know that seems normal and not necessarily something to list as admirable – but I’ve seen some pretty unloving family scenarios in my line of work.

Our teachers said they had high hopes for our class of ’99. I’d say we’re off to a good start in the first 10 years.

7.) Social Networking has changed things drastically in our culture. It’s great to stay up-to-date via Facebook etc.

8.) Fashion has changed much more for the ladies than for the guys! Wow, those puffy shoulder formal dresses are hilarious.

9.) I really wish I could have reconnected with several people who couldn’t make it. Maybe another time.

10.) There are several things I would do differently if I could go back in time. However, I don’t want to go back in time.

Had a really good time.

– Brad

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