The Ultimate Bad in life can sometimes lead to the Ultimate Good.

**Updated with comments from Ashley’s mom**
This week James Sams, a senior at Roane County High School was killed in a head on collision. His family and friends are grieving and mourning deeply. The pain is no doubt excruciating. That made last night’s FUEL service a little different. I knew we would have some hurting young people who had lots of big questions.

I thought the best thing to do was talk about Hope. So with the help of Louie Giglio and his talk “Hope when life hurts most” we did that.

7 Students trusted Christ, another 8 rededicated their lives to the savior.

Some were reminded of the Hope that is in the Cross of Jesus Christ.

It has been a painful week for many. A week of great loss. But last night…last night was a night of great victory!

– Brad

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bad in life can sometimes lead to the Ultimate Good.

  1. If you were in the room with us, you heard the story of a young lady named Ashley who lost her life tragically in a car accident.I told Louie, the speaker about what happened Wednesday night at FUEL. Ashley’s mom left this message:My heart simply breaks for this teenager’s family and friends. I can imagine how they feel and I know personally how hard this time and the coming weeks and months are going to be. I cried a set of fresh tears for my daughter after reading this post, two years later when I did not believe there were fresh tears left. But I am so grateful that God is all his infinite and amazing glory and wisdom has used my Princess in ways that we simply can not understand. To the family and friends of this young man. The Summs family will be lifting you up in prayer.Love Anna Summsother expressions of love can be found at

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