You Asked For It Answers…

On Sunday night, February 15th I answered 6 of the questions asked by our congregation. Here are my notes and Mp3 downloads of each answer.

Study Notes (PDF)

Question 1: What about paradise? It is spoken of in Luke 23:43. Some people say the Lord was there for three days after His death, and then took all the people waiting for Him to heaven when He left. What happened to paradise?

Question 2: What about the people who died during the flood, did they all go to Hell, or did some go to heaven?

Question 3: Who has the ultimate power of taking a life? God or Satan?

Question 4: Matthew 5:31, 32 is explained in my study bible that the only exception given by Christ for divorce is for the cause of fornication. It is clear that adultery or fornication is a legitimate ground for divorce. However, the legitimacy of the divorce does not necessarily establish the legitimacy of remarriage.My question is that if a couple divorces due to fornication, can the faithful one ever have a relationship with another – or would that also be considered adultery?

Question 5: What about the verse, where it says “let your women keep silent in the churches” ?

Question 6: What does Bible say about taking of alcohol by a Christian?

Right click the files, and click ‘save as’ to download them to your computer or Mp3 device.

– Brad

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