SHBC: You asked for it.

On Sunday Evening February 15th, YOU are helping prepare the sermon! This is going to be special evening, and here is how it works:

Got a question about the Bible, Jesus or the Christian life in general? Have a question about life that you want a Biblical answer to? ANY question you have, I’m going to do my best to provide a Biblical answer to. This will be totally anonymous, so nothing is off limits—nothing. All you have to do is send in your question to Brad by Wednesday February 11th.

You can submit your question in a couple of different ways. By e-mail:, or to be totally anonymous fill out the ‘comments’ section of the bulletin tear off and drop it in the offering plate. OR, you can leave a comment on this post below.

I’ll take the top 6 most popular questions and give an answer to them Sunday night February 15h. If we don’t get to your question in the message, I’ll post an answer on

So ask away!

– Brad
ht: to NewSpring Church for the idea.

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