I am excited about this Sunday! Let me tell you why:

We’re unwrapping a brand new series of messages on Sunday Morning called “iGod”.
We hear a lot of people talk about God. Actors thank ‘God’ when they are receiving their latest Academy award. Athletes thank ‘God’ for helping them win the big game. Watch TV for 30 seconds and you’ll hear someone talk about their ‘Oh my God’. We’ve all been asked what ‘in God’s’ name are we doing?
There are a lot of opinions out there as to who God is, what God does, what God wants…and on and on.
We talk about God a lot here at church, but who is God? Think you know? Find out who God says he is this Sunday @ 11 am, as we jump into iGod Part 1: Tuning into Who God is.
C-ya there and oh, Bring a friend.
– Brad

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