Leaving a Legacy

In a press conference scheduled a couple hours from this post – Tony Dungy is expected to announce his retirement from coaching in the NFL. Tony began his career in Pittsburgh, and is mostly known for his two head-coaching gigs – in Tampa, and Indianapolis where he lead the Colts to the 2006 Super Bowl Victory.

I’ve written on Tony before HERE, HERE and HERE. His book Quiet Strength was one of my favorite reads of 2008.

I’ll be honest with you – I’m a little sad on the inside that he is leaving. Tony is my favorite coach, on my favorite team, with my favorite player of all-time – any sport. (Peyton)

However, I also believe that while Tony Dungy will not be coaching on the sidelines for Indy next year, I don’t believe that Tony Dungy is leaving the NFL.

Tony Dungy has left a legacy – a legacy that will live beyond his coaching days. Dungy is the real-deal. While I was a youth pastor in Tampa, FL for several years I had the privilege of knowing his pastor, and some of the people who know the Dungy family personally. They all testify to the fact that the person we see on TV – is the real life Tony Dungy.

Listen to his players and colleagues speak of him – there is never anything spoken that is less than complete admiration and respect.

All over the NFL – players, coaches, support staff, front office staff and beyond have been inspired by this mans courage to lead his life, his family, and his team with integrity, class, and godliness. His impact on the cities on Tampa and Indianapolis is untold. Tony’s ultimate legacy, I think, are the countless other leaders he has mentored and trained to lead they way he did:

Faith, Family, Football. In that order.

What an example. What a Legacy.

What Legacy will I leave behind? What Legacy will you leave behind?

– Brad

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