The Brightness of it

Well, it is the day after the Presidential election. Slightly more than half of the country is happy, slightly less than half of the country is sad.

I was not a Barack Obama supporter. He is far too liberal in far too many of my conservative ideals. However, there is something I am happy for today.

This country elected a black man as President.

145 years ago that couldn’t happen – The country was just on the verge of making a black man free.

40 years ago our country was vying for basic equality.

Less than 24 hours ago “The Dream” was fulfilled for many people. An African American family will be in the White House, not as tourists, or staff members, but as The First Family.

One of the unheralded forces that has helped allow this:

It will not be be viewed by many in this fashion, but I believe George W. Bush deserves a significant amount of credit for embracing diversity. There has been no President – Democrat or Republican that has ever put as many minorities and women at higher levels of office than ‘W’.

There will still be some in our nation on the two outside extreme fringes of the race equality conversation in this country. There will still be Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s and Skin Head Nazi idiots. But, today they become irrelevant, small noises in the symphony of reality.

No matter the President, It’s a great day to be an American.

– Brad

2 thoughts on “The Brightness of it

  1. honestly, this is a catastrophic tragedy. this will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in american history. it effects everything. our moral values are diminishing, but more scary than that is the significant power increase of their party. they will practically be able to pass anything and everything which could lead us to places i dont want or even know how to dream of… congrats america, your not really racist anymore, but who cares. i dont… skin color means nothing, even if it was an issue for a long time. there is nothing good coming out of this.. but its nice that we are positive… hey guys, good job, you voted for our countrys potential worst president ever, but hey, he is black so its all good.. i dont think so! but oh well, at least because of this he will cause everyone to hate his party and him, which may turn us around becuase everyone will vote conservative. well thats my 2 cents.

  2. The media is focused on that same point, that this is historic, Barak Hussein Obama is making history. Their point being he is black. This country HAS made history! Congratulations, everyone who voted for BHO–we now have a terrorist as president–that IS historical. He will be choosing at least 1 more Supreme Court judge, if not more, he will be re-vamping insurance for us all–even those of us who are happy to have our own insurance and pay for it ourselves. He will be cutting hundreds of jobs for the coal miners and other industries. He will be in command of our armed forces—he who has never served in any branch and basicly has no concept of how to command anything, he’s never run a business, a state or anything. The man cannot speak without a speech writer. Other countries were dancing in the streets with glee over this election—that is a big statement in and of itself that these other nations were taking such an interest in our election. They KNOW Barak will not be the force to be reckoned with that McCain would have been as commander in chief. It was noted on the liberal media that Israel was not wanting Barak to be elected, he is not a backer of Israel, which is one of the reasons God continues to bless this nation, our stand for Israel and love of Israel. I don’t think BHO will continue the love affair between America and Israel of years past. The Bible says to pray for those in authority and to respect them. I will pray for and respect Obama and teach my children to do the same–no matter who gets elected. McCain was not the “MAN” like Reagan was, I think McCain is right in that the way he ran this election helped him to lose. He was very compromising and not firm, he was a bit of a disappointment but definitely better off for us than Barak. I don’t know if America will ever see it as a tragedy or a mistake, it will be always be celebrated as when the blacks overcame white America. I have NO problem with a black commander in chief—Colin Powell would have been a great choice–a black man with integrity and experience, military background. There is something about a president that has served his country, he has a different love for his country than we that have never served or known what it is like to possibly lose our lives for our country. All veterans seem to possess that love and devotion. THIS black man, Obama, is got a very shaky background, there is alot of things about him that we don’t know, there are things that we do know that should have been displeasing enough to keep him from being elected especially in light of Sep.11th. We have forgotten that day and the young people voting today do not remember it at all nor the significance of it. I will close this post and just hope that God will please Bless America, I am so glad He is still on the throne and in control and knows the future. I am glad that the future is secure in His kingdom.

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