Fulmer Farewell

It took me by total surprise…no, not that Phil Fulmer was forced to resign, but how hard it was for me to watch his press conference. College football has become a world where coaches come and go, but that hasn’t been the case at UT. We’ve had 2 guys in 30 years – Phil for the last 17.

Somehow, and I hesitantly post this transparent confession, I was on the verge of tears for 10 minutes watching our football coach resign. I’ve grown up a Tennessee boy. Fall Saturdays have been semi-sacred. I love the vols, I bleed big orange. This was the coach of my childhood team.

I didn’t realize I was emotionally attached. Say what you want to about the last few years – (5, 9, 10 wins) Phil Fulmer was the ultimate Volunteer. He is Paterno and Bowden like. 30+ years at UT as a player, Assistant and Head coach. The NFL pursued him like gangbusters for 6 or 7 years, but Phil stayed with the Vols.

Some of the bullet points for his time at UT will include:

  • 3rd best win percentage among coaches with 10 years of experience
  • 150-51 record
  • 1 National Championship
  • 2 Conference Championships
  • 6 Eastern Division Championships
  • #1 in 1st round draft picks in last 20 years
  • Dominated the Alabama rivalry

It was a fantastic run. I hope we get the right guy to succeed him. Chances are, we will not replace him.

Go Vols!

– Brad

One thought on “Fulmer Farewell

  1. yes, truely a sad day!! i wanted to cry but i couldnt even make myself. i just didnt care that much but he is however the only coach i have ever known and as far as i am concerned he is a legend!! you will not find any coaches more classy than him. we may fill your coaching shoes, but nobody will fill your class shoes!

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