MarriedLife Live

In a world where so many families are hurting because marriages are hurting the church really needs to step up to the plate and do something about it.

North Point Community Church is one of many that are doing something about it. Saturday night Julie and I, along with some great friends took in MarriedLife Live – an event designed to strengthen marriages.

It isn’t you’re typical ‘churchy’ event where couples come and sit in pews, sing some christian hymns, listen to a talk and then go home.

It was different. A really talented girl started off singing Natasha Bedingfield’s Pocketful of Sunshine. The entertainment was great…so were the cheesecake bites. The talk was on dealing with conflict in your relationship…it was excellent.

The really important thing is this: I would do it again. And not because I feel the guilt that I ‘should’ because I’m ‘supposed’ to. I would go to MarriedLife with Julie because I LIKED it. It was relevant to me. I enjoyed it. I didn’t have to sing Amazing Grace…I know that sounds like sacrilege, but I’m just being honest…sorry. It was like a real date.

That is what made the difference. I have been to more than my share of church events, not because I wanted to be there, but because I should be there. I used to think that was what being a committed believer was all about – enduring, not enjoying. Now, I believe you can and should do both. I’ll even go as far to say that boring church is sinful. Last night wasn’t boring, it was fun and it has helped my marriage already. Thank You Jesus and thanks NPCC.

– Brad

4 thoughts on “MarriedLife Live

  1. There isn’t anything wrong with Amzing Grace! Obviously…come one now, I din’t even imply there was anything wrong with it – I made the point that I liked the MarriedLife Live event because it was different – it wasn’t the typical inside the box church event. Amazing Grace is on the CD that is in my CD player right now. I know the auothor the story, and the fact that it has more verses to it than the ones in your hymnal.We can surely insinuate better than this.Where would we be? Far far from God.

  2. I must apologize for my recent blog. I honestly left out some words, but that doesn’t matter — I should have read it before I sent it. I truly take your comments to heart — well spoken. Thanks for helping to remind me that I am no one’s judge nor jury. Jesus wasn’t sent to judge and neither was I born for that purpose. Thanks for humbling me.

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