Sunday Reflection

Just thought I would post this picture of the man sitting in front of me at North Point Community Church on Sunday. I could tell that he and his wife thoroughly enjoyed the services – which were not the type of church services what he grew up with – that’s for sure.

People often refer to churches like North Point – where bands replace choirs, polos replace ties, video screens replace hymnals, drums replace organs, color replaces black and white, chairs replace pews etc… as churches for ‘young people’. And there is no denying that North Point targets young families, it’s on purpose. However, I love to see older people there and engaged in a ministry that is not designed for them because they know the mission of the church is bigger than the pews they used to sit in, the hymnals they used to hold, and the traditions of their past. They want the unchurched people of their community – people far from God, to hear the life changing message that Jesus is Alive and He wants to rescue their souls and give them life eternal.
They want people to know God, more than they want, what THEY want.

You older guys and gals who sacrifice your traditions for the sake of lost sinners: Hooray for You!

– Brad

2 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection

  1. So after the picture did that Old Man get charged with a felony for beating you up believing you were paparazzi like Kanye West did?

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